This website is operated, updated and maintained by the supporters of Rob Will- an innocent man currently on Texas Death Row.  In 2000, Rob Will was unfairly convicted for the slaying of a police officer.  Due to derisory legal counsel, prosecutorial and juror misconduct, as well as evidence withheld during trial- Rob was convicted of murder and sentenced to Death.   In spite of Rob being handcuffed at time of the fatal shooting (radio logs prove this and numerous confessions by his co-defendant that Rob was with at the time) saying Rob is innocent- an innocent man awaits an execution date. Details for Rob Will’s case can be viewed here.

U.S. Federal District Judge Keith Ellison stated, “On top of considerable evidence supporting Will’s innocence and the important errors in the trial court, there must also be addressed the absence of eyewitness testimony or strongly probative forensic evidence… only circumstantial evidence supports Will’s conviction and death sentence.”

Despite the depravity of inhumane conditions, Rob has taken this opportunity to not only better himself but the lives of those he is incarcerated with.  He is a published writer, poet and journalist who is proficient in topics such as spirituality; art; science as well prisoner’s rights and educational/vocational opportunities.

Due to the sensitivity and legal issues that pertain to Rob’s case, only certain details can be made public.

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Rob can also be reached by U.S. mail-

Robert G. Will #999402

Polunsky Unit, Death Row

3872 F.M. 350 South


TX, 77351

Thank you for your interest, curiosity and compassion

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